Are you going to teach in my hometown? How can I be updated on your class calendar?
Check out my class calendar! I will update it when classes are added. I will also notify my mailing list when classes are added. If you do not see your city, please do not send an email unless you are volunteering to host a class.

I can’t afford a class. Do you have any other solutions?
I wrote and released an e-book. It’s $20 and covers the whole process of creating a bust mount from start to finish! You can also read my blog.

How do I [insert taxidermy technique here]?
I am happy to answer technique-related questions during my workshops.

Do you offer taxidermy for rent?
No. If you are looking for props for a set in Chicago, I recommend contacting Woolly Mammoth.

Do you offer custom taxidermy or pet preservation?
I’m honored you thought of me, but no. For skeletal articulation, I recommend Oracle Natural Science. For traditional taxidermy of your pet mammal, I recommend Precious Creature Taxidermy. For traditional taxidermy of your pet bird, I recommend Prey Taxidermy. All of these hard-working women are extremely talented. You may let them know I referred you. Under no circumstances should you try to haggle or argue over pricing.
I DO offer custom mourning jewelry for pets and humans using the style of my gold honeybee vial necklaces, using your provided small teeth, cremains, whiskers, or fur in lieu of the honeybee. The cost is $80 plus shipping. If you would like this option please use the “custom order” button on Etsy rather than emailing through my website.

When did you start doing taxidermy? How did you start? 
I have been interested in taxidermy for a long time (since I was a child) and have been a licensed taxidermist since 2012. If you want more information about me personally, you can read my bio.

Where do you get the animals?
I practice sustainable taxidermy. Veterinarians, hunters, pet stores, responsible breeders, and pest control specialists. ALL of my specimens are legally obtained and sustainably sourced. I prefer to use animals that died of natural causes, abatement, depredation, and peaceful euthanization. I do not violate ANY regional, state, or federal laws in regards to animals and usage of their parts. I do not support anyone who does violate those laws, because they are in place to protect our planet and its wildlife. 

Can you taxidermy a human?
Technically, yes. You could remove a person’s skin and stretch it over a form. However, animals have great stuff going on for them, like fur and feathers - things that cover up stitching and stretching. Aesthetically and legally speaking, to taxidermy a human would not turn out well. Leave Grandma’s body to your friendly neighborhood mortician.

Is it “taxidermied” or “taxidermized”?
I say “taxidermied” but that’s just my preference. Using the phrase “mounted” is usually a good way around this debate!

Did that rhino just order a drink?
Nope, it’s just Chuck Testa!