Welcome to my location survey for 2019 entomology classes! Entomology workshops are $150 per person, with a partial deposit due at the time of registration and the rest due on the day of your class. Workshop participants learn to prepare, spread, and care for a large atlas beetle, a large cicada, and a butterfly or moth specimen of your choice. After a workshop full of hands-on instruction with a professional taxidermist, students leave with illustrated instructions of the process for each insect, three pinned insects, spreading boards and pins, and the knowledge to repeat the entire process at home with any insect or arachnid! These classes are open to students of ALL AGES.

All I need you to do is tell me where to book these workshops! If you have friends that you think would like to attend, please spread the word. Cities with the most real responses are the most likely to be booked!

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