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WELCOME! Here is a survey I have temporarily made into my homepage!

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If you are interested in requesting and participating in a Cabinet of Curiosities workshop in or near your hometown, please fill out this form. A COC workshop consists of learning how to rehydrate, spread, and preserve a butterfly, embalm a small wet specimen through fluid preservation, press your own plants and flowers in a handmade flower press, and dissect an owl pellet while discussing different methods for properly cleaning bones. All classes cost $150 total and each student leaves with all of their specimens AND all of their tools (spreading board, pins, glassine, flower press, embalming tools, etc.).

I need a minimum of SIX confirmed interested students in any given major city in order to begin the booking process. When I have received six requests for a city, I will email everyone who has filled out an interest form for that city to let them know when tickets are available for sale. The more people who fill out the form, the more likely it is that I will be able to book a class so please, please send this link to any of your friends you think would like to attend (in your city or another). It should take less than one minute to fill out this form. So, here goes...

(must have an international airport in order to be considered)
Name *
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Are you financially able to pay a $50 deposit now and the $100 remainder in several months when your class takes place? *
(please only request a class if you intent to attend said class)

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