Some pet owners choose to memorialize their companion animals with taxidermy processes such as skeletal articulation, wet specimens, fur preservation, and of course, traditional taxidermy. These memorials bring people comfort, so if this isn't your cup of tea please remember to be kind to others whose tastes are different than your own.

I am not offering pet preservation services at this time. For skeletal articulation, I recommend Oracle Natural Science. For all other forms of preservation, I recommend Precious Creature.

After your pet passes away, whether at your veterinarian's office, at home, or elsewhere, it is important to make sure you place your deceased pet in the freezer as soon as possible. If your pet passes at the vet, your vet will take care of this for you. While freezing your pet may feel strange to you as your pet's caregiver, this ensures that your pet will be in peak condition for preservation. It may bring you comfort to wrap your pet with a soft blanket, towel, or their favorite toy.

The only important thing (for the taxidermy process) at this point is to make sure your pet is wrapped in airtight plastic and kept frozen until you receive further instruction - no other steps are necessary to the preservation process before freezing. Please do not try to clean your pet, as any moisture may damage their skin. After your pet is in the freezer, please contact the taxidermist of your choice. Again, I do not offer these services anymore.