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Chicago Cabinet of Curiosities Workshop - Make a Deposit ($150 total)

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Chicago Cabinet of Curiosities Workshop - Make a Deposit ($150 total)


Start your own natural history collection the DIY way! Sign up for a specimen preservation class with absolutely no experience necessary — learn about entomology (insects), osteology (bones), botany (plants), and a little bit of taxidermy by preserving your own specimens. Reserve your spot for $50 USD and pay the remainder on the day of your class. These classes are limited to only six students each to ensure that everyone receives ample attention and guidance.

What will students learn?

  • Entomology: Learn how to rehydrate and preserve your own moth or butterfly specimen and take it home with you. Students will receive guidance through the process as well as information on how to procure specimens online and in the wild in the future.
  • Wet specimen embalming: Learn how to carefully embalm, pose, and preserve a jarred bird or mammal specimen. All specimens are legal to possess and were sustainably sourced, meaning their deaths were not detrimental to the environment. Specimens for embalming practice may be unsuitable for taxidermy mounting (they may be missing a few toes) but rather than throwing them out, I have chosen to repurpose my imperfect specimens for educational purposes.
  • Botany: Learn how to preserve plants, flowers, leaves, and other botanical specimens by pressing them in your own handmade plant press, which is portable and will fit in a bag or a larger purse for use on nature walks.
  • Osteology: Learn how to dissect an owl pellet, separating small animal bones from other components of the pellet. Identify bones when possible, then learn how to clean them for drying and display.

What do students leave with? 
Each student will leave with a finished pinned insect ready for drying, an embalmed bird or mammal specimen, a handmade plant press full of specimens ready to dry, and a vial of small animal bones found in their owl pellet. Students get to keep all tools and equipment - you will receive a spreading board and insect pins, embalming tools and spare chemicals for future wet specimen projects, a reusable vial for cleaning bones, and a plant press that can be reused indefinitely, in addition to lots of knowledge and your own finished specimens.

When is this happening?
Sunday, October 8th @ 12pm (noon)


Friday, November 10th @ 7 pm

What is the cost?
Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit. The remaining $100 is due at the time of your class.

This class will be taking place at noon at a private home in the Logan Square neighborhood Chicago, accessible by the Fullerton bus. Ample street parking is available free of charge. The week prior to the class date, the address and any other pertinent information will be emailed to the address you provide.

This is a one-session class spanning approximately two hours. It may be shorter depending on how fast you work.

All ages are welcome to participate in these classes. Students under twelve must be accompanied by a calm adult that can assist where needed. Students with special needs are also welcome - just let me know beforehand if you are signing a minor up for the class and/or if special accommodations are required.

To sign up and reserve your spot, please follow these instructions:

  • Choose your desired class date and time from the drop-down menu. Can't make it? Sign up for my mailing list for notifications about new dates!
  • Click the button below the menu to add the ticket(s) to your cart.
  • Fill out the form that pops up. You will need to provide a name, email address, and phone number as well as a choice between a mammal or a bird for the wet specimen.
  • Each student needs to have a separate form filled out. If you are giving the class as a gift, please provide the student’s information rather that your own.
  • When you are finished adding the desired tickets to your cart, proceed to checkout and pay your deposit of $50 per ticket. Your registration is not complete and your spot is not reserved until you have submitted payment.
  • The remaining $100 per student will be due in cash at the time of the class. A reminder about this will be provided in an email sent to students the week of their class date along with location info and more.

The nitty-gritty: Deposits are nonrefundable unless the class gets cancelled. If you make a deposit but find you can no longer attend the class, you may forfeit your deposit or transfer it to another person if you desire. Please notify me of any transfers or ask any questions you may have by emailing hello@mickeyalicekwapis.com.

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