Applications to the 2018 Crampus Market are now open FOR OUR EVENT ON DECEMBER 18th, 2018!

Crampus Market is a period pun... and it's a market of more than 20 female and queer-identifying artists selling their work. The event is free for vendors and free for attendees. Instead of paying a cover at the door, we ask that attendees bring a box of pads, tampons, or other menstrual products to donate to Chicago Period Project. They're an amazing organization that provides period supplies to people in need! Last year we collected over 10,000 individual period products. Let's smash that record!

If you just want to RSVP or tell your friends about the event, the link is here.

 A group photo of vendors from Crampus Market 2017!

A group photo of vendors from Crampus Market 2017!

If you want to apply as a vendor, here's how it works. I like to be transparent because there's nothing worse than having unexpected hoops to jump through or finding out the vendor next to you makes the exact same thing as you. Here is what to expect!

  • The event is taking place at Emporium Logan Square on December 18th from 6-11 pm. Thank you, Emporium, for donating your space to us!
  • This year I am charging an application fee. Don't worry, it's only $5! This lets me know you are serious about participating, and the application money is used to purchase products that are donated to Chicago Period Project. The final total raised will be posted here when applications close.
  • Applications are open now until September 30th. Letters will be sent to all applicants by October 14th.
  • We have 20 spots available for vendors. Priority will be given to non-cis-male applicants... sorry, guys! Women of color are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Vendors will be chosen based on the quality and uniqueness of their work. Makers who have a hands-on creative process will receive priority over those who have their products manufactured elsewhere.

There is no booth fee or table fee. Instead, we are asking our vendors to utilize their social media channels to help get people through the door so that (a) CPP gets lots of donations and (b) we have lots of shoppers, of course! Because of this, we do *not* have an advertising budget and participants will be expected to pull their own weight using social media. Just wanted to get that all out there! So... let the application process begin!

Name *
Phone *
Etsy and other web stores are fine!
Just write "I don't have one" if you don't have one.
So I can tag your business in the event page.
Submit your application fee of $5 using the friends and family option here: or through Venmo to user @mickeyalice. Your application fee will be used to purchase pads and tampons for Chicago Period Project.
I have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined above and am aware that if I do not follow the vendor rules, I am subject to being replaced in the lineup. (This has never happened before, so just don't be a dick and you have nothing to worry about.) *
I have submitted my application fee. *