Pay what you want for my taxidermy e-book. I am trying to raise $1100 to pay for the production of a video where I teach other natural science professionals about safely conserving existing, old, and somewhat dangerous specimen collections that have fallen into disrepair (including several human babies), as well as getting me to an industry conference where I will be presenting my work and showing several techniques for safety and avoiding carcinogenic in the preservation lab.

I am doing a pay-what-you-want promotion so that you may make a donation for any amount, and hopefully it will add up so I can produce this video and present it at the conference. Pay what you believe our work is worth.

This guide will show you how to prepare any small mammal for taxidermy! You will be taught how to prepare, skin, clean, mount, groom, and finish small mammal taxidermy mounts. The possibilities are endless. The guide contains over 40 pages with over 80 images and step-by-step, easy instructions for taxidermy enthusiasts of all skill levels - even people who have never tried it before. A list of supplies is included so you'll be able to get started with no problem.

The guide shows you how to mount a small mammal to a plaque, but the skills you learn apply to full-body (called "lifesize" in the taxidermy industry) mounts as well. Just cut down the back instead of around the belly. Note that this is simply a guide on the taxidermy process. We can offer no legal advice except to say that it is your responsibility to make sure the animals you are using are legal in your area. Please do not kill animals just for the purposes of taxidermy.

Your download will be a .pdf of the e-book which you should save to your computer, after which you can then transfer to any device for easy viewing. Please, do not share these files with anyone - I worked very hard on this e-book with my colleague Dr. Joe Dertien, and it is our protected intellectual property. Each person who wants to use this guide book should purchase their own copy. Support independent artists and don't steal our work. Piracy isn't cool and we appreciate each purchase of this book so much!

Retail cost is $20 for reference. Pay what you think our time and production costs are worth. Once you have donated, please allow up to 24 hours to receive your file. I will be sending out thank-you notes to each person individually and it will take some time. THANK YOU!