Well, we're a month into 2016 and it's definitely off to a much different start than I expected. I don't share a ton about my personal life but I am absolutely #blessed (as much as I love sarcasm, I really do feel so lucky) to have so many wonderful people who are my perpetual cheerleaders.

My broken rib is finally starting to heal, or maybe I'm just getting used to the pain, but I'm finally able to pick things up and dance again which is a plus. However, I suffer the perils of being a person who is constantly injuring herself and now I'm missing half a fingernail from a leg-shaving incident. With the amount of times per day that I run into things or draw blood, you'd think my life was an audition for a one-woman version of The Three Stooges.

Riff Ratt has been having seizures and now has a permanent head tilt. He's now over a year old and since feeder rats typically only live between twelve and twenty-four months, I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for that.

I taught myself how to (badly) make mochi ice cream and didn't take photos but imagine some magenta goo-covered ice cream that tastes like roses and that's all you need to know.

Finally, I spent the last week of this month preparing for and filming a really cool project - I can't wait to share the end result, but for now here are some photos I took at the Nature Museum during location scouting with the producers.

I hope everyone else has had a great start to this year, and that February has just as much in store for us! ALSO this is a reminder to make sure you are registered AND that you take the time to vote in your state's primary elections. If you don't know how, Google your state + your political affiliation + primary election registration. Even if I don't agree with your opinion, I will still encourage you to fight for your right to vote!