Crampus Holiday Market 2018

Crampus Holiday Market is one of my favorite events of the year! Each December (and for Galentine’s Market in February), I hand-pick around two dozen femme, queer, and trans artists to sell their work at a local arcade venue. Instead of charging a table fee, I put the whole thing on for free and vendors pull their weight in promoting the event to as many people as possible. Instead of charging a cover at the door, we ask our attendees to donate pads and tampons to Chicago Period Project! This year’s event is taking place at Emporium Logan Square, located at 2363 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, from 6-11 pm on Tuesday, December 18th.

Chicago Period Project, in their own words, empowers homeless and in-need people to experience their periods with dignity. The feminist, grassroots organization distributes pads, tampons, underwear, and other critical menstruation supplies to local shelters, schools, and crisis support networks. All menstruating people should have reliable access to period supplies. The Chicago Period Project’s goal is for the 29 percent of Chicago residents living below the poverty line to have healthy periods, and for us to raise awareness about this issue.

Want to be a vendor at this event? Applications are open until September 30th. The cost is $5 per application, which is used to purchase pads and tampons in bulk that get directly donated to CPP. At the time of this posting (September 20th) we have raised $165 through app fees - enough to buy 2,164 pads and tampons!

Want to RSVP? Check out the Facebook event page!

Want to donate? Chicago Period Project accepts the following items: tampons, menstrual pads, panty liners, wipes, mini hand sanitizers, NEW women’s underwear, water bottles, individual chocolates, and toilet paper. Side note: Please refrain from donating menstrual cups, as many of the individuals who will be receiving your donations lack the ability to properly sterilize their cups which is a health/safety hazard.

If you are attending as a vendor or as a guest and would like to bring a donation, get the most bang for your buck with these listings on Amazon. Each item has the lowest price per unit (per pad or tampon) while still retaining high enough quality to actually be used. For the larger boxes, we suggest getting a group of friends together to split the cost and then attend the event together to make your donation!

Please note that these are Amazon affiliate links, which means I receive a small portion of any purchase you make - don’t worry, this money gets reverted back into donations to CPP. We’ll post a final tally of everything after the event! The 2017 event rendered more than ten thousand individual donations.

See you guys at the event!