I have friends that keep blogs on baking, and friends that keep blogs on their daily lives, and friends who are so busy that they have to force themselves to queue a weekly post to summarize everything else happening in between. What attracts people to the idea of keeping an online journal of any kind?

Everyone with access to the Internet knows that a sense of anonymity leads people to say and do things they would never say or do in real life, whether they're over-sharing about their lives or whether they're joining a forum to talk shit and make speculations about the bloggers who over-share. I think the only thing I have in common with Beyoncé Knowles (aside from being a person) is that I don't read the comments. It never leads to anything other than hurt feelings. 

Perhaps I sound a little too much like a cake made of rainbows and smiles, but honestly - I believe that people who blog put themselves out there because they want to know that other people feel and think along the same lines that they do. Some bloggers enjoy swapping recipes while others are in the business of giving life advice to others. Personally, I'm not naive - I am aware of judgmental comments - but nothing will ever beat the feeling of getting an email from a sixteen-year-old telling me they look up to me and asking me to do an interview for their high school paper, or having a student approach me after class for a hug because learning taxidermy has given them a new sense of purpose. We're all just looking for a little bit of affirmation. We're all just people who like stuff, and we like to share our life experiences because sometimes it's nice to know that someone else has also walked in our shoes.

Late at night, my mind wanders. I play episodes of Sex and the City or whatever Netflix show I'm currently binging on (I just finished Scandal, it was very... scandalous!) and I write. What I write rarely ends up here, but I enjoy it anyway. Most of the time I'm sharing photos of fun things I've seen and experienced, but occasionally I put some of my writing out into the world - because it feels good to just let go sometimes. No matter what I'm posting, it's half for myself and half because there's a chance that it might inspire just one person somewhere out there. That's reason enough for me.

Keep doing what you're doing, always strive to be a better person, reach out to someone if what they have to say strikes a chord, and never allow someone who doesn't matter to make you feel inferior.