Oddities, curiosities... whatever you call them, I have a collection of what some may consider to be "weird" stuff. As a kid I think everyone collected treasures of their own, but I never grew out of that phase. I enjoy photographing my collections each time I move because things get rearranged, and some items even get sold and replaced with other things. Here are some snapshots of my "weird stuff" arrangement while I was living in Lakewood, Ohio.

Some of you may recognize these photos from Instagram or even from my store's business cards. They were the first images I shot with my camera when it was new, and they have a hazy nostalgia surrounding them that just never goes away. I still use these images from time to time to make fliers or promotional material, so you'll likely end up seeing more of them in the future!

It's nice to look back on the way my favorite belongings were arranged. These photos are interesting because I don't have a few of these things anymore (like the jar of ocean water, which leaked during my last move) and I've also added a lot to my collection. I've tried to make it a point to photograph each of my apartments after they've been lived in so I can show my kids someday. I even have photos of my bedroom during high school (so. many. posters!) and my dorm room when I was an R.A. in college. There are so many things I remember about those times in my life when I look back at the pictures of where I lived!