If you read my last post about Second Beach, you know how excited I was to find tide pools! I've seen some in Southern California but there have never been anemones with their tentacles actually out.

The first tide pool we found was a small one surrounding a rock in the center of the beach. Because the tide was out, it was like a little oasis in the middle of a strange desert. 

The whole thing was an ecosystem in itself. Not only were there all kinds of barnacles as well as mollusks like mussels, but there were hermit crabs scuttling around in all types of repurposed seashells, anemones, starfish, and even some jellyfish swimming in the water! Because of the wind I wasn't able to get very many photos through the rough surface of the water, but as we continued south on the beach we found another tide pool. And then another... and then dozens more!

We also found this starfish on the sand and it seemed to be dead because it was completely unresponsive. If you are visiting a tide pool please do not try to pull starfish off of rocks and other surfaces - if they're stuck, it's because they're alive!

After we put the starfish back into the water (just in case it had a little life left!) we decided to book it back to the car to try to catch the sunset at another beach. Spoiler alert: we made it right in time!

Taking a peek in natural tide pools is like looking at life on another planet. Isn't nature incredible?!