After visiting Lake Crescent, we headed to Hurricane Ridge. It's a long drive full of switch-backs and the entire time we were ascending through clouds and fog, so we weren't sure what to expect when we got to the top. There is a webcam at the top of the mountain that we kept checking, and everything looked clear, but because of the weather on the way up we thought maybe there was a delay in the signal or something.

When we got to the top, everything was clear as could be! It was like night and day. We hiked around a little and no matter where we looked, everything was beautiful.

No matter which national park you visit, chances are that you'll see signs that tell you not to feed the wildlife. I'm sure people do whatever they want, though, because at two points, a few different black-tailed deer (I'm getting good at identifying subspecies of deer! Thanks, taxidermy career!) allowed me to approach them. I got a handful of photos before other tourists got too close for comfort and chased the deer away.

While the above photos are alright, my personal favorites are the ones below. If anyone follows the Instagram account I made for my pets, you know how good I am at capturing photos of animals with their tongues out. These deer were no exception!

Here is a bonus photo of the doe from above giving me what definitely looks like the stink-eye.

I still can't get over how funny these photos are. Taking pictures of animals is definitely a hobby I want to explore more - because the results are fun, but also because I love animals so much! This whole experience was absolutely breathtaking from start to finish.