I apparently wrote this post in July of 2015 and never posted it. Here it is.

I have a Canon Rebel and I love it. Sometimes it malfunctions (which is annoying, but not the end of the world) and occasionally won't focus, creates images that are entirely white or entirely black, or skews the white balance in completely the wrong direction. In between taking totally normal, functional photos sometimes I end up with a few wonky ones. In this case, while at Second Beach on the coast of Washington, my camera took a few images that were washed out and had sun spots in entirely the right way. I figured I would share!

Check out that lens flare in some of the photos! It's a bit of a bummer sometimes when I can't capture what my eyes see, but when my camera is as unpredictable as a film camera sometimes I end up with unexpected (but pleasant) surprises.

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