I've always had a thing for reflecting on a trip while my plane takes off and I watch the city grow gradually smaller over time. I like window seats, and I've recently discovered how nice it is to wear a knit beanie so I can get pretty close to the glass, lean my hat-covered forehead against the window frame so I don't get all germy, and take it all in. I noticed this guy doing the same thing, and I loved the way the lighting looked.

I can't believe how quickly time got away from me over the course of those few days, but I accomplished so much and met so many amazing people. Reading through my student feedback surveys was certainly uplifting, and I'm looking forward to being a regular contributor to Harvard's natural history programming.

I'm guessing most of the people who read these posts aren't also taxidermists. You guys are my friends, my family, my supporters, and on occasion I'm sure there's someone who is here just to snark on me, which is fine. It happens. Have at it.

When I was in undergrad, studying for the LSAT until my soul shriveled up, I always joked that if my score was high enough that I would apply to Harvard. Fortunately, because I never wanted to be a lawyer and was only going through the motions due to pressure from an abusive boyfriend, taxidermy became my life path instead. For everything to come full circle and for me to have an opportunity to teach others about my passions at one of the best universities in our country - well, that's nothing short of a blessing in my eyes.

Our lives are short and we need to follow our dreams when we have a window of opportunity. Remember that the worst thing that anyone can ever tell you is "no" and even if they do, it'll probably be fuel for you to improve whatever you're doing and come back to prove the nay-sayers wrong. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something, especially yourself. The voice inside your head is the one that'll hold you back as long as you let it. I am so grateful that I didn't listen when people told me I was crazy for wanting to do taxidermy instead of getting a J.D. and running for city council. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope everyone in the world gets the opportunity to feel the amount of happiness I experienced over the course of this weekend. Don't let anyone get you down because you can, and should, follow your dreams - even if it's just one time. It will completely change your outlook on life.