After receiving word from Harvard that my specimens had arrived in the mail, I headed over to the university to get my keys and unpack my supplies. High up on shelves and enclosed in cabinets around the room were hundreds of taxidermy mounts, including a mountain lion mounted by Ward's Natural Science back in the 1880s. 

I went a little crazy with the dry-erase markers, that I'll admit right off the bat. Once I realized that the tall cabinets around the back of the classroom were filled with teaching specimens, I rushed downstairs to ask for permission to photograph them. As soon as I finished setting up my supplies for the class, I spent a solid four hours photographing the taxidermy collections in the classroom and in the galleries. I have a few hundred photos, so I'll be sharing those in a few separate blog posts.

Before locking up and heading out for the night. I had to pack up some of the rabbits to take back with me to thaw overnight, since allowing them to sit out for twenty hours would render them too far thawed. I definitely didn't tell my Lyft driver that the suitcase was full of frozen bunnies! Once I dropped off the suitcase, I went back to Goorin Bros. for their Christmas party, where Turtle Pond Union was playing and we ate an extraordinary amount of brie and water crackers.

I showed up a little late and only caught about a song and a half, but I did grab these snaps of the shop while I was waiting for everyone to wrap up. We ate a pretty late dinner at Lord Hobo in Cambridge, and WOW. I was told they recently started brewing their own beer (which was great) but what actually stole my heart was the mac and cheese. It was recommended to me to try it with bacon (duh) and mushrooms on top. I was a little iffy on the idea of mushrooms, but HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. Sautéed mushrooms on mac and cheese is absolutely awesome. Try it!