What a year, what a year! Talking to everyone I know, it has been twelve months of significant ups and downs. Here are my most memorable moments of 2015, some of them bittersweet.


Plastinated brains with friends! Read about what the facility does here.

A road trip to Tampa and then Savannah with my friend Ashley, where I got tattooed by Dean Denney for the second time.

Getting a visit from my Canadian friends and then visiting Toronto just a few days later with my friend Amy! This is the view from our very strange Airbnb.

Moving to Chicago! The weather was terrible, so instead of a picture of Chicago, enjoy this photo of dragonfruit and horned melon, both of which were kind of disgusting but probably out of season.


Exploring the frozen lake (and the rest of Chicago) with Eric.

Rescuing Riff Ratt for Valentine's Day...

...then realizing that Riff and Osiris were best friends.


Going on the weirdest day trip ever with Eli (who I met from Instagram), my tattooer Lauren, and Eric, where I purchased twelve dead baby skunks from some guy in his garage (they were euthanized according to law, pretty sad but they now live eternal life) before we stopped at Culver's as well as the Mars Cheese Castle. "Whatcha gonna do with all those skunks, all those skunks inside your trunk?"

Visiting Boston (and the Harvard Museum of Natural History) for the first time. I'm hooked.


IMG_1925 (1).jpg

Getting the cover of the RedEye and a feature in the Tribune.

Flying to Houston, driving to Austin, staying with my friend Connor, celebrating my 100th taxidermy class with a big brownie and pushed-down "9" candles for zeros, driving back to Houston, teaching four more classes, and heading home all within six days.

Signing the lease on my storefront!

ICELAND! It's really hard to choose a favorite photo because everything there is so beautiful, but this is the glacier lagoon. We spent seven days in Iceland and two days in Toronto on either side of the trip eating at Momofuku and exploring Queen West. Definitely one of the most epic adventures I've ever been on.


A Tigers game with tall cans and great seats as a (very) early birthday present from my grandpa.

Rescuing Milhouse!

Hanging out in Ojai with Chuck and working on a menagerie of animals from baby monkeys all the way up to elk. I need to make time to go back!


A perfect day of Chicago fun including my first visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo!

Drinks at Cindy's on the rooftop patio with Sterling & Eric. This was my first time actually seeing the Bean because despite living in Chicago, I almost never venture downtown.


A trip to Portland to teach at Portland State, a drive up to Seattle, a weekend jog over to Second Beach and down the coast with my college buddies, back to Seattle to teach for a weekend, and a drive back to Portland just in time to catch a flight home.

Settling back into Chicago, and my new apartment which I apparently have no photos of.


Drinking and losing at pool with some of my closest friends from grade school at Emporium.

Another visit to Boston, and a trip to St. Louis before returning home to take in a pregnant cat from a high-kill shelter.

After she was dropped off at my house, Maria hung out for less than 24 hours before giving birth to seven kittens. She was an absolute trooper through everything.

As the kittens approached seven days of age and their eyes started to open, they slowly started losing weight and getting very sick. Unfortunately Maria had contracted and passed on panleukopenia while in the shelter before we rescued her from euthanasia, and all seven of the kittens passed away. It was hands down the hardest thing I went through this year, and I bonded with Maria a lot during the days following their passing which led to her becoming a permanent part of my family.


Peaches from the tree in my backyard!

Photo fun with Riff Ratt.

A visit to Oakland, where I had over 50 students in two days, and a day trip to San Francisco, where I finally got to experience the highly sought-after sushi burrito. I also got to see the California Academy of Sciences as well as the Oakland Museum of California. I'm getting good at cramming entire cities into five-day trips while also working for two of the days.


Getting a toast from my great-grandma (well, all she did was yell "MUD IN YOUR EYE!" and then chug her champagne) at the grand opening of the store - a long time coming since we had already been hosting classes since May.

Celebrating Randi's birthday with pizza, whiskey, and Britney Spears singalongs.

Teaching Riff Ratt to ride on Osiris' back.


A visit to Scott Smith's All-Animal Expo where I got to cuddle this pup.

Getting back into the groove of photography with outfit shots for Randi's blog.


My third time visiting the Boston/Cambridge area this year and my first time TEACHING AT HARVARD! Probably the proudest accomplishment of my year.

A fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants visit to NOLA followed by a great time at the Noise FM's Noise for Toys benefit for Toys for Tots. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was there sporting a very sk8er boi hairstyle, which he used to his advantage while making out with multiple teenage girls, racking up a huge bar tab, tipping 10%, and then not staying to watch the show. Afterwards my friends and I discovered the magical Twitter hashtag #louisisinchicago and taste-tested frozen pizzas.

Seeing The Academy Is... on their Almost Here ten-year anniversary tour (holy shit, ten years!) with Randi was the cherry on top of a very strange (but wonderful) year. I saw them on the first tour for this album when I was fifteen and it was even better this time around, because I've had ten years to grow to love them.

Not everything this year was perfect. My car took a dump and so did my phone. The ceiling of the shop started leaking and then falling down at the same time that the electricity gave out - while I was in New Orleans - rendering the entire space useless. I got three cavities.

This week, my friends are helping me move the freezer from the shop into my apartment, so it looks like I'll be going back to working from a home studio and traveling to teach classes again. I have a new car and a new phone and new job opportunities. Harvard invited me back. I am actually blessed, in every sense of the word, with an amazing support system here in Chicago and beyond, made of friends I have grown to love and who have grown to love me over the years. Not everything is sunshine, but I guess sometimes you need a little bit of shade (or perhaps a giant ice storm like the one outside right now) to make you appreciate everything good.

Thinking back to a year ago makes me wonder what kinds of things I'll be writing about a year from now. I hope it's a year of adventure, happiness, and not sweating the small stuff.

Happy new year to you and yours!