Emporium Logan SquareKira Crugnale and Mickey Alice Kwapis (hey, that's the site you're already on!) are teaming up to create an extraordinary female-centric night market benefitting Chicago Period Project.

Chicago Period Project is a pending nonprofit which collects and then provides menstrual supplies (pads, tampons, underpants, heating pads, etc.) directly to the 29% of women in Chicago living below the poverty line. The event is being named "Crampus" because of period cramps and it's near Krampus/Christmastime. Get it? Ba dum tissssss!

Applications are now closed. We're full to the gills for this one, so if you missed the deadline please keep an eye out for applications for our Galentine's Market in January.

Mickey Alice Kwapis is a Chicago-based taxidermist and craftswoman.
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